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What Marketing Limited Partnerships are:

Marketing Limited Partnerships are designed to assist companies to raise operating funds through tax-favoured investments. Ideal companies for a MLP are in secondary financing and/or expansion phase, have both proven revenue and products and have an undervalued stock price.

Firstfund provides, through its wholly owned subsidiary Costar Marketing Corp., Board representation in investee companies and can provide marketing, strategic planning and financial expertise to management of companies.

Consolidated Firstfund Capital Corp. prefers investments in public or private companies that can demonstrate medium term profitability. Specializing in companies in business in Real Estate/Resort Development, High Technology, Manufacturing, and Tourism.

Companies We Have Joint Ventured With:

Battery & Wireless Solutions Inc. (TSX-V Symbol: BWS) is Canada's premier supplier of solar and portable power products to the retail, commercial and industrial market sectors. Costar Marketing Corp. has entered into a joint venture marketing agreement with Battery & Wireless Solutions with the Gold Star Marketing Limited Partnership. Costar is the general partner of the Partnership. The Partnership is expected, on a best efforts basis, to raise $1.5 million through the sale of limited partnership units to finance marketing initiatives and penetration across Canada.

The Joint Venture calls for approximately $1,050,000 be spent to expand Battery & Wireless sales. www.bwsinc.com

International Parkside Products Inc. (TSX-V Symbol: IPD) markets proprietary niche products to the photo, electronic, sport optic, law enforcement and military sectors. Among Parkside's products is their very successful optical/lens cleaning technology applied in LensPen Pro (http://www.lenspen.com/). Consolidated Firstfund Capital Corp. has entered into a Joint Venture Marketing Agreement with International Parkside, the Techmar Marketing Limited Partnership and Costar Marketing Corp. Costar is the general partner of the Partnership. The Partnership is expected to raise $800,000 through the sale of limited partnership units. The partnership will finance the marketing of Parkside's consumer product lines. www.ipd.ca

Vitality Products Inc. (TSX-V Symbol: VPI) a multi-dimensional integrated nutritional food products and health education company, has developed key health oriented products and is engaged in the research, growing, processing, marketing, manufacturing and sales of these impact nutraceuticals with their related clinical tests as well as a full line of strategic vitamins, minerals and supplements. Firstfund is a signatory to a Joint Venture Marketing Agreement between the Saturna Marketing Limited Partnership, Costar Marketing Corp. and Vitality Products Inc. The Partnership is expected to raise $1,000,000 through the sale of Limited Partnership Units. The Partnership will fund the marketing of Vitality's consumer products. The Partnership shall spend $500,000 towards the joint venture marketing program by the end of 2002. www.vitality.ca

MDMI Technologies Inc. ("MDMI") designs, manufactures and markets minimally invasive medical devices that enable the treatment of site-specific conditions inside the human body. www.mdmicanada.com

Contact an MLP Representative

If you are interested in a Tax favoured investment opportunity please contact Bill Grant or Doug Grant at:

Consolidated Firstfund Capital Corp.
Suite 304 - 837 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3N6

Telephone: (604) 683-6611
Facsimile: (604) 662-8524

or email info@firstfund.ca and get involved in this fantastic investment opportunity.

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